On the Edge of the Forest, 'Eua Island, Tonga

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Taina’s Place is clean, attractive, charming, great value accommodation located in the heart of ‘Eua. It is run by Tei and Tovika, so you will be assured of true Tongan hospitality!

Taina’s Place is built on 8 acres of traditional family land on the edge of the forest. It is set amongst beautifully maintained gardens with spacious lawns (perfect for sunbathing, lazing around, reading and throwing a frisbee). There is a large lounge room, with comfortable chairs and a big screen video.


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Dorm bed TOP$27 per person
Private room for one TOP$45 per room
Private room for two (twin or double) TOP$60 per room
Private room for three TOP$85 per room
Cottage for four (with own bathroom) TOP$110 per cottage
More than 4 in Cottage (with own bathroom) TOP$27 per person
Camping TOP$20 per person




Order delicious meals

Request scrumptious home cooked meals. Produce is local to ‘Eua and supplies are also bought in regularly from the mainland on the ferry and plane. Please let us know when you book if you have any special requirements (eg vegetarian).

Breakfast (toast, eggs, fruit, coffee) TOP$10
Lunch (fresh and filling) TOP$18
Dinner (delicious, varied and nutritious) TOP$25 to TOP$30
Umu (a real Tongan feast!) TOP$25 or TOP$30 with roast pig







You are also welcome to use our fully equipped kitchen for FREE. You can purchase a limited range of local fresh produce (like taro and lu) at the marketi on ‘Eua. There are also a few falekoloas (local stores) that sell all basic necessities like bread, eggs, breakfast crackers, corned beef, flour, sugar, tea, coffee, milk and simple cereal. You are welcome to bring fresh produce and snacks over from the mainland Tongatapu (as a back up).


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Pick up/drop off

Wharf  TOP$6

or Airport  TOP$4

per person each way

Phone Local calls only: TOP$1 landline call (5 minutes max) or / TOP$1 per minute for mobile calls
Laundry TOP$6 to TOP$12 (depending on size)
Internet  TOP$1 for 10 minutes, TOP$2 for 20 minutes, TOP$3 for 30 minutes etc ...
Late check out

Check out is 10am. If you'd like a late check-out, please speak in advance with Jasmine or Fe'ao about the day fee and to arrange the new check out time.


Small South Pacific Library


"Tonga Islands" by William Mariner

Tonga Islands by William MarinerWilliam Mariner lived in Tonga as a teenager from 1806 to 1810. He was adopted by the King of northern Tonga. He lived completely in ways of pre-European Tonga. This classic book is the highly interesting narrative of his time in Tonga.


" 'Utulei, My Tongan Home" by Patricia Ledyard

'Utulei, My Tongan Home by Patricia LedyardAmerican, Patricia Ledyard came to Tonga as a school teacher in 1949. She had developed a fascination with Tonga while studying anthropology in Dunedin, New Zealand. She settled in Vava'u in Tonga's north, she married, had a child of her own and adopted a Tongan girl. This touching book tells the story of her life, which she chose to live in her beloved Tonga.



"The Quest for Origins" by KR Howe

The Quest for Origins by KR HoweThis is a book which tells the story comprehensively of the discovery and settlement of the Pacific Islands by the distant fore-parents of today's Polynesian peoples. Their journey began thousands of years ago in South-East Asia. They intermingled with the peoples of Papua New Guinea as they journeyed to the Pacific. Samoa and Tonga was the "cradle" of Polynesia: a place of Polynesian genesis. They then journeyed to Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island and also visited South America. They were the greatest navigators and sea people the world had known.



"The Trembling of a Leaf" by Somerset Maugham

The Trembling of a Leaf by Somerset MaughamIf you talk of South Pacific literature and European writers of yesteryear, there are certain names which immediately spring to mind. Somerset Maugham traveled throughout the Pacific soon after the 1st World War. Famous for his colourful short stories, this collection is of those he composed during and following his journey.


"Palagi Tafaovale - A Wanderer in the Pacific" by Bob Rankin

Palagi Tafaovale - A Wanderer in the PacificA genuine Pacific old-hand's exhilarating account - perspective, frank and entertaining - of his life and loves over the past 75 years, 50 of them in Samoa. From NZ Army interpreter in the occupation of Japan, indefatigable Islands teacher, newspaperman, photographer, soap maker, screen printer, vegetable grower, poultry farmer, historian, family man. Bob Rankin takes us on a truly entrancing ride.Get aboard before he heads off again!


Payment, Banking and Currency Conversion

Payment: Cash only (no credit cards)

ATM: The Westpac Bank 'Ohonua village on 'Eua Island has an ATM (inside the bank). Opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 3:30pm

Currency: Tongan Pa’anga (TOP$).

Conversion Rate: Xe.com's Universal Currency Converter

TOP$1 = AUD$X,TOP$1 = NZD$X, TOP$1 = USD$X, TOP$1 = GBP£X, TOP$1 = EUR€X, More Currencies.

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Taina's Place


Telefoni Road, Ha’atua Village, 'Eua Island, The Kingdom of Tonga

Phone: +676 501 86
Mobile: +676 7765 002 / +676 7717326

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