InfoTM Co., Ltd. is an intelligent system operator with integrated circuit design and development as the core and provides intelligent terminal by integration and optimization of supply chain and offers system service supported by big data operating.
          In the filed of IC design, InfoTM introduces chips for the segment of markets according to market demands and based on the development and application of SOC chips and provides the total solution of end product. 
          In the field of intelligent system operation, it integrates Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, Beidou GNSS System, Intelligent Terminal and Background Big Data to provide system services such as Smart Cities, Data Operating, Beidou Digitalized Pasture and Home Automation.
           In 2014, InfoTM securities in Shenzhen Stock , coded “000670”.
          The company's operation headquarters is located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, with branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Houston, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

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